Question by surferrunchick: Energy level for a 5 month old husky?
hi everyone! my husky puppy is 5 months old and boy has he grown, he’s almost 40 lbs! we went on vacation for 3 weeks to myrtle beach SC and he loved the ocean and adjusted well to the very hot weather. we drove 2 days on the road and he slept the whole way. As soon as we arrived home yesterday, he went berserk!!! we let him play in the yard for a few hours until he was ready for bed. Today he has been non stop running, energy level through the roof and whining and digging and just overall being a menace! he’s finally sleeping now, so my question is, is this normal behaviour for him? he’s not normally THIS hyper! could it be the the fact he was stuck in a car for 2 days and didn’t get his daily runs? please help! im just wondering if this high energy will last? i know huskies are very high energy level dogs and need lots of exercise and i give him plenty, at least an hour and half each day but i would like to know why he has been acting crazy today?! thanks!

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Answer by kmae2z
i have a Shepard husky and he is 6, Huskies are Extremely Hyper. He is a puppy he is going to run around like that plus the car ride and that he is a husky, really shod solve your question!!
hope it helps!!

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