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Smart Card Operated Prepaid Electricity Meter – CSIR – CMERI Technologies

CMERI Technology

Smart Card Operated Prepaid Electricity Meter

I have seen this technology in the CSIR Technofest 2010, showcased by Council of Scientific and Industrial Study, New Delhi, at India Global Trade Fair in the course of November 14-27, 2010 New Delhi, India. I comprehend that “Intelligent Card Operated Prepaid Energy Meter”  was created by Central Mechanical Engineering Study Institute, Durgapur, India.

I arrived to know that some formulated nations have this engineering to avert the electricity theft. In India, this is the very first time, I have seen this technological innovation in India and this may possibly reduce the electrical power theft in long run.

The major issue in the electricity is wastage – almost thirty% and far more percentage will go as a theft from residential and industrial locations.  These thefts can not be acknowledged and if acknowledged, they can not be punished severely.  Simply because of numerous reasons like wastage, misusage, theft, etc will charge more to the actual users. This technological innovation will give technological resolution for this.

User can buy the electrical energy like prepaid mobile phone card. Here consumer will get a card (like bank’s debit card or credit card sort card) for making use of electrical power and pays some amount for this card. Soon after the card purchase, card can be inserted into the meter to get the worth of electricity.  User can see the volume every day how a lot they utilized on electrical power, so that he can conserve also.

This technological innovation has several attributes

230V, 5A, 50 Hz. one-phase static AC vitality meter
On the web load controller for power conserving
Visual alarm LED soon after 75% consumption
Programmable greatest power drawing capability
Simple activation &amp card refilling by way of portable refiller
In created card authentication to prevent theft

In future, there is no other go, all electricity boards in all states have to use this technologies to avoid the misuse, theft of electrical power and benefit genuine user of electrical energy.

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