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Question by VEX: Best Technology colleges on the East Coast?
Wondering if anyone could help with giving me a list of the top Technology colleges on the U.S. East coast. If you could just give me the name and where its at and if you like a brief description. This isnt as important but if anyone has some information on Villanova University in PA. that would be great.
Thank You
Im talking mainly about Technology, along the lines of computers .

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Answer by JN
MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Boston highest ranked engineering school in nation
Georgie Tech (Georgia Institute of Technology) Atlanta very high ranked engineering school with a good football team, but ATL can be an intersting place to live
UF (University of Florida) Gainsville good ranked school that is one of the largest in the nation, with a great football team of course and strong school spirit. Gainsville is a small town.

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